About us

The reasons behind a decision

The Yogurtlandia project was the brainchild of Eusebio Galante, a brilliant Venetian entrepreneur who, in 1993, decided to embrace a new and relatively little known sector in Italy: that of the Yoghurt Franchise.

The entrepreneur is a major player in the field of animal husbandry and mushroom cultivation, a line of business that often takes him abroad.
During a trip to the U.S. he was fascinated to discover an entirely original format which had taken the country by storm: the yoghurt shop.
In his eyes, the idea was a winning one which could still be perfected. Back in Italy, he began to devote himself to this new line of business which was to develop greatly over the years. This was in the 1990s. The desire of the general public for genuine and healthy products was growing exponentially. Yoghurt is an essential product, especially when analysed from an organoleptic point of view.

The American frozen yoghurt, high in fats and sugars, was less suited to the European palate and, therefore, was made into a new product containing almost exclusively yoghurt with no added milk or cream: the Soft Yoghurt of Yogurtlandia.
Market analysis and technical projects were carried out to develop the very first yoghurt shop. This was in 1995, when Yogurtlandia was born.
The years to come were to be challenging but also full of success. The franchise gradually became a key player on the retail market in Italy and, thanks to Yogurtlandia, the commercial format of the "yoghurt shop" was also to become a reality in this country.

Yogurtlandia continued to grow. The small Venetian company, created from scratch by a pioneering entrepreneur who had originally specialised in quite another field, was to become a well-established business with a global reputation.
Now, twenty years later, the team at Yogurtlandia continues to be driven by the desire to take the business to even greater heights, with the same enthusiasm that led the founder to take on this challenge so many years ago. We wish to promote and further increase awareness of our frozen yoghurt and the culture of well-being that it represents: such is our mission!

The structure

The company that develops and markets the Yogurtlandia brand is YO.GA Ltd., a dynamic and modern business which represents a benchmark for the entire sector of frozen yoghurt.